Home decor trends of 2020 are making a debut on TV Shows

Have you noticed the beautiful homes seen on some of your favorite TV shows? I absolutely love watching Lifetime, HBO, and other networks that stage lovely homes with such beautiful and elegant decor. So, what are the trends of 2020? Well, they range from light fixtures, wall decor, door handles, antique art, mirrors, furniture and more.

If you watch HBO’s Insecure, then you would notice that the character Molly is living a modern posh lifestyle. Her condo is absolutely stunning and she works hard to maintain the lifestyle she has. In the series, you notice a tripod lamp from a scene with Issa and Molly enjoying a good laugh. Tripod lamps are becoming extremely popular and they come in a variety of styles: chrome, wood, and black finish. Updating a light fixture is an easy and affordable to make a room bright and trendy.

Photo by Anne Marie Fox/HBO

Another trend that is seen throughout television and other homes are the classic antique looking crystal and cut glass door knobs. If you love antique shopping, you can find pairs of vintage knobs and collect them as a hobby.

Photo: Gary Frutkoff

NBC’s This Is Us television series demonstrates the use of color, texture, and patterns on their set. The kitchen of Randall and Beth is colorful , yet traditional with modern appliances. The pop of color on the walls gives the kitchen some personality. The family room is where most of the family discussions on the show occur. There is plenty of seating and lighting. The window treatments are layered with sheer and patterned curtains. The uses of different patterns and colors throughout the room such as accent chairs, floor cushions, draperies, and art makes the room inviting and interesting.

Photo: Gary Frutkoff

Showtime’s Homeland Series displays a pair of bold yellow accent chairs. The style of the chairs are very antique looking and classic.

Photo: Erica Parise/SHOWTIME

Lastly, wall paper has come a long way and is more stylish now than ever. Most importantly, it can be applied temporarily with peel and stick methods. Homeowners have more freedom with wallpaper because they have the option of swapping out the wall paper for something new without the hassle of repairing walls.

My message to the movie producers and writers…. home decor is very important, you never know what kind of home decor enthusiasts are watching. Keep up the great work!

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