Life during Quarantine

With many states under “stay at home” orders, many are adjusting to the daily routines during quarantine. For me, this felt so unfamiliar, it felt surreal, and most importantly I had to adapt to these changes quickly. My children who are 9 years old have gotten adjusted to distance learning due to school closures, although they miss their friends, and have frequent virtual conversations with them. They have spent weeks at home, which is the safest place to be. I, personally, miss hugs from family members. I miss my little trips to HomeGoods and eating out every day. I must admit I cook three times a day now and I enjoy it. On a good note, our dog loves us being home and I can say that he is trained. I have seen what’s important in life and what’s not important like material things. I make a consistent effort to work out during the day and take long walks. Being healthy is important to me. Self care is important. It soothes me and relaxes me.

It’s important to take care of yourself and others. Help out friends and family when needed. My sister and I make planned trips to the grocery store and collect essential items for our family. We keep each other abreast on the latest news.

There is a dark side to this madness that have left people mourning and in sorrow. My family and I continue to pray for healing and God’s protection over us and other families.

How do you maintain your sanity and hope during this time? You have to find your inner peace, whether it be a hobby, mindfulness, exercising, praying or journaling. Stay grounded and don’t give up. We will all get through this.

I’ll leave you with this message below to keep your hopes high and we will get through this.

I wish I could be a kid again. With the hopes and imagination that this is all a big comic book, that a villain has planted this massive, destructive virus in an effort to take over the world. And it would all end with a superhero to save the day. What superheroes do we have today, in reality? Who can we trust, and respect, to take care of us, our families, economy, and most importantly our future. This all remains unknown. It remains a mystery. Only God knows what good will come out of the dark days ahead. This too shall pass and we shall see the light again. 

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