Natural Wood Coffee Table

Hello! This is my first post to reveal my first item that I purchased from a nearby Goodwill store. When I arrived at my local Goodwill store, I was amazed to see how neat and organized the sections were. This made my trip even more exciting and less overwhelming. There were so many glassware and dinnerware items that I didn’t even know where to start, Luckily, my desire that day was to find a furniture piece, an end table or a desk. I ventured to the back of the store where the furniture pieces were located. I contemplated on whether I could transform a couple of old coffee tables, but opted not to. They were quite bulky and would take up a lot of space. My eyes wandered and I came across a natural wood bench or coffee table. The table did not look that eye pleasing in the store, but I saw great potential in it. The price tag revealed that this table was $10. It was a solid wood table with iron nails and the wood had aged a bit but that made it even more organic and pleasing to my eye.

I went home and I cleaned it up a bit. I even thought about stripping the glossy coating of it and painting it a bright touquoise blue color. After sitting down and looking at how great it looked in my sunroom I accepted the table as it was. After the table was cleaned up, it looked amazing. When I find an item from the thrift store or goodwill, I like to evaluate how much I would have saved if I had purchased a new manufactured product from a contemporary store. Well, here’s the results.


West Elm, $499


I found a perfect place for it in my sun room.


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