Diamond in the Rough: From Thrifty to Trendy

Diamond in the Rough : From Thrifty to Trendy

Welcome to my blog! I love decorating and I recently acquired a new hobby as a thrift store adventurer. What does that mean? Well, I am a huge Nate Berkus fan and one of my favorite co-hosts on the show is Goodwill Hunting. I was inspired to find thrift stores in my area and challenged myself to find some items that I could use to decorate my home at a low price. I really love to repurpose furniture, especially solid wood furniture with a lot of detail and character. My decor style is traditional cozy. I like earth tones, fabrics, prints, and occasional colors on the walls to brighten up a space. Well, I have been thrift shopping for the last couple of months and I have come across some very nice items that were in great condition and fits well in my home. I would like to share these items with you and would like for you to follow me through the experience as I transform these second hand items into my style of decor.

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