Thank you to a girl named Erica…

A Fun Hunt...

I really love kid art. Kids paint about the good things in life. They are free-spirited, innocent, simplistic and creative. Displaying kids art is a great way to decorate any room in your home. I was inspired to share this article with you based on one of my goodwill finds. If you have children who are busy at art and are looking for ways to organize and display their creativity, then here are some ideas.

Source: MakeandTakes

 Pictures hung on rings with clips can be easily changed (weekly, monthly, etc) and the child can easily hang their own art work. It can also add a contemporary look and feel to the room.


Source: Blissfully Domestic

Another way to display kid art work is to use simple black frames and group them as a collection. You can save time and don’t have to worry about picking out a mat for the frame.

Source: Elaine Prouty

If you have white walls and want to add some color, then display colorful artwork on the wall and pick out a colorful, patterned fabric curtain to add some texture to the walls.

On to my goodwill find. I came across two pictures in a frame, a crab and an octopus. They are so adorable!  Check them out:

Bargain – $8.00/piece


Although, these were 8 bucks a piece, I thought it was a good bargain considering the pictures were professionally framed and matted. My twins absolutely love these pictures. They constantly point at the picture and says “crab”. The pictures are now displayed in their nursery.

I wonder who originally owned this piece of artwork and how was I lucky enough to find them. The pictures were signed by “Erica”. Thank You Erica for sharing these with me. I have found a home for them.

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  1. Good idea. I am trying to find a way to creatively hang my kids art work. I have a few ideas, but I like your idea of finding frames already matted. I could just change them out every so often.

  2. I was thinking of framing work my child has done as well. She often brings home cool painting from school. Once frame, it may look like a cool abstract. Very cool find too.

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