Outdoor Patio Makeover

Summer is my favorite time of year, and it is important to protect your patio and furniture from harsh weather during off seasons. This is what my patio looked like a week ago:


The sitting wall got beat up pretty bad by the rain and snow and caused a lot of mud to settle along the wall area. A good power wash on your patio can keep your patio clean and keep your pavers looking new again. Here is the end result of power washing our patio and sitting wall area:


We added a fire pit and some flowers to liven up the space. We look forward to roasting marshmallows and entertaining int this cozy corner.

Another area that needed attention was our awkward space under the deck. It rained a lot this year and this space got really muddy:


Our goal was to improve the drainage under the deck. So we decided to cover the area with rocks for a very low maintenance solution.  We removed the dirt, applied landscape fabric and river rocks to create a nice clean space. We are very pleased with the result:


We look forward to adding a patio set and some more outdoor accessories to finish off this space.

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