DC Design House

D.C. Design House 2016 (Part 1)

DC Design House 2016

Photo Credit: TwiceTheCharmBlog

This was my first year attending the D.C Design House 2016 event. For those who are unfamiliar with this particular event, the event is hosted annually as part of a fundraising event to benefit Children’s National Health System. You pay an admission fee and all proceeds go to charity.  Interior designers are given an opportunity to submit design proposals and if selected they get to design a room in the house.  How much fun is that?!

Well, this particular home was located in Washington DC in the Wesley Heights/Berkley neighborhood. The home was gorgeous and over 11,000 square feet. There was so much to see and I had a pleasure to meet with most of the designers. In this article,  I will discuss highlights of my tour and share some design tips with you. Let’s get started 🙂

Upon entering the home, the first room on display was a massive dining room designed by Jonathan Senner. This was Jonathan’s first time designing a home in the D.C. Design House event. The finished product was amazing. Take a look at his dining room:


DC Design House Dining

Jonathan Senner Dining Room

When I asked Jonathan how he would describe his design for this room he said “French eclectic”.  Jonathan chose to use two dining tables in this room which works really well. The dining room is massive and he made it warm and inviting by adding accent pieces with pops of color,  a striped settee in the corner, stunning light fixtures, and the wallpaper he selected adds a touch of glam to the room. He also added a mini bar which makes this room functional for entertaining and formal dinner gatherings. Job well done Jonathan! Design Tip: Step outside of the cookie cutter box. Mix and match dining chairs. I liked that Jonathan chose pieces that were different, even the dinnerware had a unique character about them.

DC Design House

Jonathan Senner Dining

Jonathan Senner

Jonathan Senner console

Jonathan Senner bar

Jonathan Senner bar




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