White Living Room

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The D.C. Design House featured a bright and charming living room designed by Pamela Harvey of Pamela Harvey Interiors, LLC.  Pamela designed the room using fresh white walls, white sofas, and black drapery panels hung on acrylic rods. Accents of black, white, and green were displayed throughout the room. The room served as a great space for entertaining.  I loved that Pamela went with bold, black curtains to accent the white walls. Her choice to use acrylic rods made the curtains look as if they were floating. The trio bench and butterfly sconces added a nice touch to the room. Pamela did a great job pulling this room together.

Design Tips: Don’t be afraid to use white. White walls can give a room a timeless, classy look. Worried about keeping the white sofa clean?  Rest assured, Pamela covered the sofas in party-proof Sunbrella fabric for added protection. Feel free to share your comments on decorating living rooms.


Living Room
Pamela Harvey Interiors – Living Room
Trio bench
Pamela Harvey Interiors – Trio Bench
Living Room
Pamela Harvey Interiors – Baby Grand Piano

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