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Good Will Trip #2. Well, after my first Good Will find, I was eager to go back to see what other treasures I would stumble upon. This was so exciting to me that I often made 2-3 trips a week to the Goodwill store. My inspiration on this day was to find a brass lamp. I was watching the Nate Berkus episode with Goodwill Hunting and in their room makeover, they updated an old lamp using some paint and updated the shade by adding texture and color. 

Nate Berkus, Goodwill Hunting

I was able to find a nice brass candalebra table lamp by Alsy with the ugliest green shade. The price of the find was $8 so I am encouraged to take this lonely lamp home and transform it into something special.



Well, first I need an inspiration, during my research I came across this lamp from Sears, which resembles the lamp I purchased. Note the price of the lamp.

Sears, $235.78

I actually like brass so I have no plans to apply any paint to this piece.  A good cleaning is what it needs. I gently took apart the fabric covering on the lamp shade (the ugly green) which was in bad condition. I am now on the search to find a new lamp shade and I would like to rewire this lamp.

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  1. Cute! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. I love the lines of that lamp, and with a new shade, it’s going to be completely transformed.

  2. Great lamp finds! I am also on the hunt for lamps. Did you think of recovering the shade it had when you found it? It isn’t hard to do, and you can often find a remnant at a fabric store you can use. Most fabric stores sell their remnants at half price! You can find great fabric in thrift stores, too.

    I have also seen lamp shades spray painted very effectively. If you got some black spray paint from the hardware store (around $5) you would have a very easy fix, and a very similar lamp to the Sears one.

    • The mistake I made was removing the original fabric on the shade. When I did the shell on the shade chipped, there’s a big whole on the other side of the shade. I will see if I can find a replacement. Your idea of spray painting the shade sounds like a really easy fix. I will keep a note of that for future projects.

  3. I actually think that lamp is quite cute with all its uniqueness!
    I really love the idea behind this blog… I’ve just started my own treasure hunting endeavors at goodwill stores- it’s so much more fun than wandering around expensive department stores!

  4. I love the lamp idea. I too do many DIY things. They make our house a little homeyer and it also makes for great gifts.

  5. In the past, I’ve tried spray painting the old shades and covering them with fabric. Both are great options, and easy updates! LOVE that cute little green lamp! I never find cute ones like that, but I have found three Stiffels for crazy cheap!

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