Dining Room

Artichokes Napkin Rings

Artichoke Napkin Rings

I went to Williams Sonoma to shop around during one of their store closeout events.  I arrived pretty late and a lot of the items were already sold out. I ventured to the back of the store and came across these cute artichoke napkin rings.  I have never cooked artichokes and would have never thought to decorate with artichokes.  Check them out!


Artichoke napkin rings by Williams Sonoma

Fresh artichokes can also be used to create flower arrangements. The picture below is a nice way to create a centerpiece for a kitchen table or dining room.

Artichoke Flowers in white ceramic pitcher.

Picture found on midwestliving.com

Artichokes add a nice green accent to the room and can make it feel warm and inviting.napkin holder

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