Brass fireplace update…

I recently posted a picture of my fireplace. One of the things about my fireplace that I’m not too keen on are the brass accents. Brass fixtures and accents can make a home appear to be outdated and old . I decided to give my fireplace a face lift this weekend. I am so happy I decided to take on this easy and simplistic project of updating my fireplace. Tools I used : Rust-Oleum high heat spray paint (black) and sand paper.  When painting any kind of surface always prep and start painting in a well ventilated area. In my case, I used my garage and left the garage door opened for ventilation.  I prepped the garage floor with drop cloth. Sanded the brass areas on the fireplace and wiped it clean with a cloth to free of any debris. I sprayed two coats of paint onto the brass accents of the fireplace and waited an hour and a half for it to dry. It turned out perfect!!! If you are looking to update your fireplace on a low budget I suggest you give this a try and you will love
the results!

Before Pic

Before Pic

After Pic

After Pic

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