Go into the New Year with a Vision

Out with the old and in with the new. A new year often represents new beginnings. It’s a reassurance that the next year will be better and to focus on new milestones and goals.

I have so many ideas of new hobbies and business adventures I would like to seek, but never jot them down and I often lose focus of them. The best way to record your goals are through vision boards.

Vision boards allow you to visualize your goals through images and words. You can display them on a collage so that you can hold yourself accountable for accomplishing those goals.

How do you create a vision board? Vision boards are simple to make. There is no wrong or right way to create one. The primary goal is to portray how you want to feel and what things you want and ultimately bring those things to life. It could be health, family, spiritual growth, job, car, house, and education.

You’ll first want to start off with some basic items, these are optional and you can be creative:

  • board (foam, cork, wood, poster, etc).
  • Push pins
  • glue
  • scissors
  • magazines clippings of images
  • markers
  • sticker
  • quotes
  • pictures
  • and more

I managed to find all my materials at my local dollar tree. I wrapped the cardboard backing of the frame with teal and white contact paper. Then I jotted down my goals and found words and images from magazines to place on my vision board. It turned out great and ready to hang!

Here are some pics of how it all came together.




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