End of the year – Declutter and purge!

Organize and declutter your home

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white and black floral cap sleeved shirt
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com

Its that time of year to get rid of items you no longer use and/or have outgrown. Take this time to sort through old clothes, appliances, toys, electronics and even office supplies. All of these items can be recycled to a local charity or collected at donation centers.

Decluttering and reorganizing relieves myself from the stress of misplacing items or feeling overwhelmed by collecting too many items to keep track of.

Every four months, I take time to re-organize the kids closets and put away seasonal items. My closet is often left neglected, but around the holidays  I usually make time to free myself of clutter. Also, donating extra items provide certain tax benefits and joy of giving back to those in need of those items.

Often, family members will visit my home and notice my collection pile in a corner and i will offer up the items to them. In addition, there may be opportunities in your  neighborhood like a yard sale or consignment shop. Not to mention the trend of selling items online via virtual closets.

Happy re-organizing! Making room for new things to come in the New Year!


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