9 Must Have Items for a Beach Day

I am so happy that my kids are out of school. I am looking forward to spending quality time with them. Although, their interests seem to be more on YouTube and online gaming. I can’t stress how important it is to break away from the virtual world and enjoy a little bit of the outdoors. I’ve always been an outdoor person and that’s why I cherish my summer days. You won’t find me at a movie theater in the summertime. I’ll be sitting on a beach somewhere.

This weekend I decided to take my kids on an “impromptu” beach trip. We didn’t have much time to plan the day out but sometimes the funniest days are the spontaneous ones. If you ever feel the urge to just get up and go to the beach, here are some things to keep on hand that will make your “impromptu” trip easy to pack for. You can prepare a beach bag in advance and make sure you have these 9 essential items in a bag ready to go.

#1 : High SPF sunscreen. My sister found a really good one (SPF 110) gentle enough to use on your face.

#2: Beach chair and umbrella. Most beaches will charge a fee to rent a chair and umbrella. I recommend getting a lightweight chair and umbrella. This will save you money especially if you plan to go to the beach frequently.

#3: Tote bag or carrier on wheels. I have a large sized clear tote that I love. It fits my beach towels and the clear lining makes it easy for me to find things I need. I also use a carrier on wheels when i have moderate load of items to haul from the car to the beach.

#4: Insulated cooler bag. Stay cool and hydrated while at the beach. Pack water and drinks to quench your thirst. Also pack a small lunch and snacks.

#5: Oversized beach towels.

#6: Beach Hat or scarf.

#7: Beach shoes. I love to carry flip flops and swim shoes. Swim shoes protect your feet from exposure to glass or sharp debris on the sand.

#8: Sunglasses with extra UV protection. Protect your eyes from any damage from the sun.

#9: Extra bathing suit and change of clothes. It’s always good to have an extra pair just in case. I like to shower right after the beach and change my clothes.

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